Resumé Tools

Ars provides resumé tools to build the best in on-line profiles for Information Technology workers.

Ars (Latin for Skill) collates data from your other major profiles and pulls them into one unified source. Your profile is not widely shared and not index by robots. We don't have recruiters or head-hunters crawling our site looking for talent to spam.

What we do have is integration with GitHub, StackExchange, BitBucket, CodePlex, and of course LinkedIn & Klout. This data is used to create a comprehenisve profile, extended with additional data on projects, hobbies and other details. Ars this makes a very nice display of this data available in HTML, PDF or Formatted Plain Text.

To view an example profile, check out this one of the Ars creator David Busby

Icons and Art Work

Our Clipboard Icon was provided by Ilsur Aptukov.