David Busby

I Build Lean Startups, Code & Manage Teams

Since 1996 I've building business technology solutions: network/systems engineer, coder, application architect, Director/CTO.

In 2013 I became a founding member of DiscussIO an on-line Qualitative Research tool, whipped their technology into shape and enabled the Sales and Business sides to deliver on their promises to customers.

In 2007 I joined Activist Central as Technology Director; I rebuilt our development team and implemented small batch SDLC policy which reduced release latency by 80% (12 to 2 weeks) for the same budget.

Circa 2005 I was Lead Developer on a Reverse LOS at Seattle Financial Group; we automated dozens of financial and regulatory processes for mortgage origination.  This division was acquired by Bank of America.


I Build Lean Startups, Code & Manage Teams

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Code: PHP, Shell, JavaScript, Java, C++, ActionScript

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Prolific coder, founder at @discuss & @edoceo; 15+ years in the start-up space. Entrepreneur, coder/maker and lean zealot.

Roles: Developer, Entrepreneur

I'm Edoceo - the company - http://edoceo.com/

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Business. Technology. Engineering ----- #LeanStartup zealot ----- Founding Partner at @discuss_io

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Experience & Skills

Apache [3], Bash [3], CouchDB [2], Dovecot [2], Git [3], Lighttpd [3], MongoDB [3], MySQL [3], Nginx [3], Perl [3], PHP [4], Postfix [3], PostgreSQL [4], Redis [3], Ruby on Rails [2], SOLR, Subversion [3]

Employment History

Co-Founder (Technical) at Discuss03/2013 to 12/2014

First full time coder, system engineer, architect.

* Sell-able version of the product two months after I joined.
* Implemented a continuous integration process

Director of Technology at Activist Central10/2007 to 12/2014

I joined AC as a DevOps Enginner; my role grew over time and I assumed the Director position in 2008. I led a technology stabilisation initiative which brought our platform in-line with our customers needs. With this platform in place we were able to increase sales and turn the company profitable. We continue to innovate in the political activism space with automation features not found in competing products.

Managing Director at Edoceo, Inc.07/2001 to 12/2014

I founded, grew and currently manage this company which provides IT consulting services around Open Source technologies.


My GitHub Pages
Alerts Visitors about their legacy browers


A pre-flight test toolset for Big Blue Button


Windows EventLogs to Syslog Server


This allows Guacamole authentication to be sent to a custom HTTP back-end


Edoceo Hacks to the Evergreen ILS
Global Content Distribution Network - http://gcdn.org/
PHP Profiling Tools


BidSpotter.com primary code repository
A simple web-service to convert documents (doc, odt, pdf), presentations (ppt, odp) and spreadsheets (xls,ods) to web-ready formats (gif, png, webm)
BigBlueDashboard is a WebUI and API for integrating with BigBlueButton servers
Moves messages around imap accounts, very useful for gmail migration
Open Source Web Based Business Management and Accounting Software -- Imperium provides a database of Contacts, Work Orders, Invoices and Accounts - the core functionality to manage your business finances. Integrates with email (SMTP, IMAP) and Google Services (contacts, tasks, calendar)
PHP Based Mongo Database Browser
Nuntio - Announcment! Like Twitter or Tumblr for Teams
OpenSRF Client in PHP
Radix PHP Toolkit
XHProf is a function-level hierarchical profiler for PHP and has a simple HTML based user interface. The raw data collection component is implemented in C (as a PHP extension). The reporting/UI layer is all in PHP. It is capable of reporting function-level call counts and inclusive and exclusive wall time, CPU time and memory usage. Additionally, it supports ability to compare two runs (hierarchical DIFF reports), or aggregate results from multiple runs. Originally developed at Facebook, XHProf was open sourced in Mar, 2009.


A BASH script using gtkdialog to make launching Chrome with different profiles easier
Some bash scripts that build, install and configure OpenSRF and Evergreen ILS on a Gentoo machine
Praxis Gentoo Portage Overlay & Binary Sources
Proton tools for Making & Creating Linux Live CD/DVD or USB